Deborah Elizabeth Lotus

I had the great good fortune to have lessons with Mr. McDonald when he came every year to teach in Hollywood, California, such students as Grouch Marx joke writer, Michelle PHillips, etc. and I was his appt. secretary, receiving a 20 minute lesson at the end of each day of 'work' watching him give lessons! His hands were somewhat rheumy by then, but still had that steadfastness of touch, and this is what I remember the most...'the lunge', 'monkey' , 'stillness in movement, movement in stillnes' and "Meanwhile, the teacher’s hands on the pupil’s head are also in complementary opposition, the front hand encouraging the head forward-and-up, the back hand giving the back-and-up direction: “Forward to release it, up to co-ordinate it.” One may not be able to perceive this movement by watching films of him working, but when he was teaching it was going on all of the time.[7]"
Thanks for this flash from the past (c. '73, '74)...All the zest,
Deborah Lotus now Certified Feldenkrais Teacher, First Generation, USA...

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